Amazing Massage Fingers

A unique boutique massage experience tailored to meet the issues in your tissues



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Suzanne S


Literally felt my muscles releasing as she went.  Not overly painful; it like a velvet glove, or the muscle whisperer....


Kathrine C


I'm a 47-yr-old, active, athletic woman. Due to osteoarthritis, I recently had both of my hip joints replaced. The new joints are great, but I was having trouble regaining strength, flexibility and range-of-motion in my hips, legs and back. I tried physical therapy through my health provider, but I was unimpressed with the approach and results. Thank goodness I found Alice Marie Francis! Her combination of massage therapy and yoga stretches provided immediate improvement and repeatable results. Alice Marie's technique, knowledge, and persistence have made a HUGE difference in my rehabilitation. Alice Marie is an active listener and a compassionate, strong therapist. She takes the time to explain "the why" along with "the how." She's enthusiastic about her work and driven to help her customers. I highly recommend her!


Ann H

I've only been lucky enough to have Alice's "Amazing Fingers" once, but I've never felt so pampered, so relaxed and so comfortable.  Alice is very knowledgeable and strong, and if you have problem areas, she seems to know about them before you do.   I felt a huge improvement in my back and leg pain.  


Amanda T


After a few stressful weeks at work where I was crouched over the computer and my shoulders felt like blades of steel--not flesh--I knew it was time for a massage. Alice is strong, yet her touch doesn't feel too forceful. In other words--it's just right. By the end I was like fondue. It was such a great stress-releiver, and I think her rates are reasonable too.


Jason K

>I am in the construction industry and spend many hours under heavy loads; couple that with being rear-ended at 35 mph and a rock-climbing accident and I've got incredible issues.  Splitting head aches, weak unstable posture (post surgery), and pain shooting down my legs are symptoms of these issues and have all been worked on by physical thereapists, orthopedics, and chiropractors alike.  Finally, my physical therapist recommended getting good massages periodically and what a huge difference!  I can't begin to tell you what amazing progress I have made and how wonderful it is to start to live free again!  Alice is a miracle worker!  The more she works on you, the more she understands what your body needs to be right!  I'm not a touchy-feely guy, but she's got the magic touch!


Kari H

I've been to a variety of spas throughout the US, but the massage I received from Amazing Massage Fingers was definitely the most personalized.  After talking about what I hoped to get out of the massage the entire time was dedicated to fulfilling my expectations.

I'd recommend Amazing Massage Fingers to anyone!